Missing crew members and sick pilot not extraordinary circumstance

We received two judgments from the Court in Rotterdam regarding Easyjet claims. For flight U2 2723 of 29 November 2009, the delay was caused by a sick pilot.
inside an airplane crew serving food and drinks to passengers

Easyjet states that their home base is not in Milan. Therefore, there was no replacement for the pilot. Another pilot had to be flown in. According to the Court in Rotterdam, Easyjet did not prove that they tried everything they could to prevent the delay. A sick pilot is not seen as an extraordinary circumstance.

The case for flight U2 7002 on 18 February 2010 was also won by EUclaim. The delay originated because of a technical problem and missing crew members. The argument from Easyjet that missing crew members is an extraordinary circumstance was not accepted by the Court in Rotterdam.

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