Parking fares at UK airports explode

Parking fares at UK airports continue to rise throughout the years. Whether you are a business passenger or family of four going on holiday, parking near the airport is essential for most travelers. The difference of parking rates throughout the UK near an airport can be quite astonishing. The difference can be hundreds of pounds. EUclaim has compared the rates of 10 popular British airports.
parked cars at gatwick airport

Long term parking at UK airports

When booking in advance close to a UK airport you get the best rate for parking long term. Most parking places are available for a lower price are situated further away from the airport. Using shuttle busses passengers can reach the airport within 10 to 15 minutes. We have compared UK airports for a week of parking between November 3 and 10.

Rank Airport Lowest rate Highest rate
1 Birmingham Airport £21 £69.95
2 London Gatwick Airport £29.99 £123
3 Manchester Airport £30 £89.99
4 Edinburgh Airport £30.99 £51.99
5 Aberdeen Airport £39.50 £61.99
6 Glasgow Airport £39.99 £65.99
7 Belfast International Airport £44.99 £44.99
8 London Stansted Airport £48 £219.99
9 London City Airport £53 £225
10 London Heathrow Airport £54.99 £336

As expected London Heathrow Airport is most expensive for a week of parking, but still provides a solid rate for holiday makers. Parking at Birmingham Airport however only costs you £3 per day.

Short term parking at UK airports

Parking short term last minute can get very expensive at most UK airports. Picking up family or dropping off a friend at the airport can cost you up to £10.50 for half an hour of parking. We’ve listed airports by price below.

Rank Airport Rate for 30 minutes
1 Birmingham Airport £2.45
2 Belfast International Airport £3
3 Aberdeen Airport £3
4 London Gatwick Airport £3.80
5 London Heathrow Airport £3.80
6 Manchester Airport £4
7 London Stansted Airport £5
8 Glasgow Airport £6
9 Edinburgh Airport £7.80
10 London City Airport £10.50

For both long term as short term parking prices, Birmingham Airport is the best choice. London City Airport on the other hand is most expensive, which can be explained by its situation in the middle of the capital. What airport do you prefer to fly from and how much are you willing to pay for parking? Let us know in the comments below!


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