Response European Parliament to changes Regulation

The proposal for changes within the EC Regulation 261/2004 resulted in positive responses from the European Parliament. However, the fact that compensation is not due after a three hour delay, but as proposed after a minimum delay of five hours or even twelve hours, is not acceptable for many members of Parliament.

One of the opponents of this new rule is Michael Cramer, member of Parliament. He is of the opinion that the current rule, where compensation is due after a three hour arrival delay, should stay in place.

According to an article published at Europolitics, and also to be viewed at CramerÂ’s website, only the United Kingdom is in favor of this proposal. Cramer even suggests that air passenger rights should be the same as railway passenger rights. This would mean that air passengers will be entitled to financial compensation after a one or two hour delay. However, he has not (yet) found any support for his views within the European Parliament.

Do you want to know more about Michael Cramer and the response from the European Parliament to the new EC Regulation 261/2004 proposal? Click here.

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