The 5 worst days of 2016 for airline passengers

As the year is coming to a close, we review how travelling has been for airline passengers. What days were subjected to the most flight cancellations and delays which exceeded three hours? What was the reason for the long delays and how many of us were affected by delays? We reviewed this year’s flight data and here are the top 5 worst dates for airline passengers.

5. December 6th

Oh the joy of December. The holiday season is upon us and we just cannot wait for the lights, the presents and snow. Snow? No, snow wasn’t the reason that the 6th of December is included in this list. It was good old British fog in its most extreme that loomed over the glorious country of Great Britain. 308 flights to and from the UK were cancelled or delayed longer than three hours.

4. September 15th

A notorious date in 2016 for two reasons. It was one of the many dates that the French Air Traffic Control went on strike, affecting not only destination traffic but the entire airspace over France. On top of that it was poor weather in Northern UK, affecting airports in Leeds, Manchester and many others. 314 flights to and from the UK were cancelled or delayed over three hours.

3. March 21st

Another date full of delays thanks to French Air Traffic Control for 329 flights to and from the UK were cancelled or delayed more than three hours.

2. March 20th

353 flights to and from the UK were affected by the French Air Traffic Control strike. March was a tough month for British passengers.

1. June 23rd

This day was the worst for British passengers in 2016. The French Air Traffic Control was on strike once again and this combined with bad weather over Belgian and London airspace created havoc for passengers.


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