The most delayed summer routes of 2019

The summer of 2020 will be an exceptional one from the previous summers because of the coronavirus. It is still uncertain if we can go to populair citytrip destinations such as Barcelona or Chicago. It is nevertheless interesting to share the figures of 2019. These popular city trip destinations are among the most delayed routes of last summer!
man waiting on airport due to flight delay

1. Route Chicago – London Heathrow

Known as America’s favorite citybreak, the route Chicago – London Heathrow owns the number one position in our top five of most delayed routes in the summer of 2019. In the period from April to October there were 55 long delays on this popular route. Long delays are flights that are delayed by three hours or more.

2. Route New Delhi – London Heathrow

The route from New Delhi to London Heathrow owns the second place of the most delayed summer routes of last summer. The high amount of long delays (52!) is due to the closure of the Pakistan airspace. Both the outbound and the return flights had to fly around Pakistan which caused a delay of 180 minutes for the return flights.

3. Route London Gatwick – Barcelona

Barcelona is an ideal location for a city trip. The city is both colorful and characterful and it is the ideal destination to combine city with beach. The route to this popular place owns the number three position of most delayed routes in the summer of 2019 with a total of 45 long delays.

4. Route London Heathrow – Chicago

Logically the route from London Heathrow to Chicago is
in our top five with 44 delays given the number one position from Chicago to
London. Do not let it stop you from visiting this vibrant city as it is well
worth it!

5. Route Newark – London Heathrow

The number five position is for route Newark – London Heathrow. In the summer of 2019 there were 43 long flight delays on this route.

Refund for delayed flights

Was your flight delayed last summer and did you arrive at your end destination with a delay of three hours or more? According to Regulation 261/2004 you may be entitled to a flight delay refund. To be entitled to compensation, your delayed flight must meet the following flight delay rules:

  • Flight departed from an EU country
  • Or the flight departed from outside the EU to a country within the EU with a European airline
  • And the flight arrived at the end destination with a delay of three hours or more

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