Thursday, Strike day

A nice long holiday weekend is an ideal ‘break’ for many of us. Discovering new countries, cities or some peace and quiet in a cabin in the woods. Many passengers enjoying a long weekend break choose to fly out on a Thursday, but that isn’t the smartest idea we discovered…

Figures of EUclaim show that passengers have the biggest chance at suffering from strikes when they choose to fly on a Thursday. In the past 39 months, Thursdays were affected a whapping 34 times with air traffic related strikes. The chance of having your flight affected by a strike is smallest on a Sunday. Only six Sundays were overshadowed by strikes in the past 39 months.

Curious how the other days do? This is an overview of all days and how often they were affected by strikes:

  1. Thursday: 34 times
  2. Friday: 29 times
  3. Wednesday: 23 times
  4. Monday: 19 times
  5. Tuesday: 19 times
  6. Saturday: 9 times
  7. Sunday: 6 times

Passengers are best off flying during the weekend it seems.

The French ATC strikes have a great contribution to the amount of strikes. Their yearly actions have become somewhat of a phenomenon. The Italian ATC usually strike on a Friday, something to remember when flying from or to Italy.

Strikes are extraordinary circumstances

Strikes are considered extraordinary circumstances in the UK. Passengers are not entitled to any compensation. If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to a strike, the airline is obliged to take of you during your delay, providing refreshments and meal vouchers.


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