Top 3 reasons your flight will be delayed

It’s pretty unlikely that your flight will be delayed; only 1% actually are.  But in case you are one of the unlucky few these are the top 3 reasons why you’ve been left sitting in Departures….

1. Incoming plane is delayed

The knock on effect of one plane being delayedis the top cause for another delay and a whacking 50% of all delays are due to this.  There could be a number of reasons that a plane arrives late, ranging from weather to the simple fact that the crew arrived late, but if you’ve been waiting 3 hours and over you should be able to claim unless it’s down to extraordinary circumstances – see reason number 3.

2. Technical Defect

Planes are complex pieces of machinery and it’s imperative that they undergo comprehensive checks before they depart, so it’s not surprising that technical defect is number 2 on our list causing 30% of all hold ups.  However it’s an airlines responsibility to maintain their fleet, wear and tear doesn’t count so unless it’s an unseen manufacturing fault you can now claim for a (+3 hour) delay.

3. Extraordinary circumstances

Generally these are things not in control of the air carrier.  This could include extreme bad weather, erupting volcanos, a strike out of their control such as baggage handlers or air traffic control or bird strikes, acts of terrorism and sabotage.  In the most part you will not compensated if you are delayed for any of these reasons.  

Don’t forget that even if your delay doesn’t fall within the EU regulation 261 allowing you to claim for compensation the airline still has a duty of care for you This includes free refreshments and snacks, and even hotel accommodation if appropriate.


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