Your arrival time will be?

Interesting information arrived at our office regarding flight times. It has long been the suspicion that airlines buffer their arrival times to guard against any claims under EU Regulation 261/2004 in the event of delays.

Anybody who has been on a delayed flight will know the pilot tells you that they’re going to try and make up some time on the way over. We passengers love it, we feel happy and that the airline is going the extra mile for us. But how do they do it.

Today British Airways report a flight time of 75 minutes for a flight from London to Amsterdam. In 1958, when planes were still ran on propellers, the recorded time for that same flight was only 70 minutes!!!! Despite huge advances in engineering, mechanics and general aviation technology we are now told that it takes 5 minutes longer for the same flight? As ever, when the surface is scratched the information simply does not stack up and is something to bear in mind when you are on a delayed flight in the future.

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