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  • inside an airplane crew serving food and drinks to passengers


    Missing crew members and sick pilot not extraordinary circumstance

    We received two judgments from the Court in Rotterdam regarding Easyjet claims. For flight U2 2723 of 29 November 2009, the delay was caused by a sick pilot.
  • 20-12-2012

    Happy Holidays!

    Last week, EUclaim in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are delighted to have been able to make 600 families happy with the financial compensation they are entitled to.

  • 14-12-2012

    Good news for Dutch children’s charity KIKA

    On 20 September 2012 I experienced myself how frustrating it is as a passenger to be stranded on an airport. My flight with Air Berlin (AB 6470) was cancelled without providing the passengers with a reason for the cancellation. It was very odd that the replacement flight a day later was also cancelled. We can only speculate about the reason of the cancellations, because of the non-existent information at the airport.

  • 12-12-2012

    Easyjet cannot prove extraordinary circumstances

    On 7 December the Dutch Court in Rotterdam made a judgment in a case against Easyjet. It concerns a flight from Amsterdam to Liverpool on 30 January 2010 with flight number U2 7006.
  • 11-12-2012

    Dutch High Court continues with cases on appeal

    The Dutch Supreme Court attends to six cases where the airline has appealed.

  • 07-12-2012

    Snow disrupts air traffic

    As predicted, snow has disrupted air traffic throughout Europe. Many flights are cancelled or delayed.

  • 06-12-2012

    Snow is coming! What to do?

    The media is warning repeatedly about the upcoming weather conditions. Friday will bring snow, which can mean that air traffic will be disrupted. Not only in the Netherlands and the UK, but also in other parts of Europe bad weather conditions are expected. This often leads to flight delays or cancellations.

  • 05-12-2012

    Transavia also states delays are inevitable

    Just like Surinam Airways, Transavia also believes that passengers should stop complaining when faced with a delay. Previously, we posted an article about Surinam Airways who believe delays are inevitable, because they own only one airplane. To our astonishment Transavia has the same perspective.

  • klm vliegtuig voorkant cockpit op vliegveld met gras op achtergrond


    Technical defect KLM not an extraordinary circumstance

    Today is another day to bring positive news for passengers. This time we have received judgments from the Court in Amsterdam regarding KLM cases. It concerns KL 878 from Bangkok to Amsterdam on 22 November 2009 and KL 877 from Amsterdam to Bangkok on 21 February 2010.
  • 03-12-2012

    Delay is part of business model Surinam Airways

    EUclaim received a judgment regarding a Surinam Airways flight (PY993, 26 February 2010). The remarkable part about this case is that the airline states that passengers are not entitled to financial compensation, because the airline owns only one airplane.
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