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    Claiming financial compensation causes safety risks?

    Dutch Prof. C.C. van Dam wrote an article on his blog about the discussion whether claiming financial compensation will lead to safety risks during a flight.
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    Flight delay compensation payments move closer

    Airlines are likely to be told they must pay compensation to passengers whose flights are delayed by three hours or more.

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    Advocate General confirms Sturgeon

    Advocate General Bot from the European Court of Justice advised the European Court of Justice to confirm that passengers of delayed flights are entitled to financial compensation.

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    Seeking Redress When Air Travel Goes Awry

    IN his 12 years as a semi-frequent traveler, David Shashoua never got bumped off a flight twice in one day.

    But that’s what happened on Dec. 30, 2011, when Mr. Shashoua arrived at the Ontario, Calif., airport at 6:45 a.m., in plenty of time for his 8:39 a.m. United flight to La Guardia. He made himself comfortable, only to be told that the flight was canceled because of “unknown and unexplained corporate staffing problems,” said Mr. Shashoua, a tax lawyer in Riverside, Calif.

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    Interesting blog about Supreme Court case

    Dutch Prof. C.C. van Dam has a blog about general information on passenger rights.