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  • 19-09-2017

    Ryanair cancels thousands of flights due to holiday leave problems

    The past weekend thousands of passengers were faced with cancelled Ryanair flights throughout Europe. A total of 285 flights were cancelled between Friday and Monday, leaving thousands of holidaymakers stranded. Until the end of October another 40 to 50 flights are cancelled daily according to the Irish budget airline. Lists of these cancellations were published last night.

  • 29-08-2017

    EasyJet accused of ‘making up’ ATC strike

    British low cost airline easyJet has been accused of inventing an ATC strike avoiding paying passengers their compensation for a cancelled flight last June. easyJet claimed the flight was cancelled because of an ATC strike but no ATC strikes took place on June 23.
  • 15-08-2017

    British Airlines plea for stronger rules on alcohol use

    As the amount of alcohol related incidents increase drastically among British passengers, some UK based airlines have had enough. Ryanair is calling on UK airports to enforce a limit of two alcoholic drinks for every passenger as the amount of alcohol related incidents increased by 50 percent in the last year.

  • 07-08-2017

    Security strike in Barcelona leaves hundreds of British holidaymakers waiting

    Since yesterday August 6, El Prat’s Airport security staff have been on strike due to a salary conflict. The Industrial action is said to leave hundreds of British passengers waiting for hours again today. If no deal is reached soon, the strikes will continue tomorrow and next weekend.

  • 25-07-2017

    British Airways crewmembers take part in longest air strike ever

    The crewmembers of British Airways that have been on strike since the start of July are about to break records as they once again prolonged the strike with two more weeks (!). BA Crew union Unite recently announced to go on strike until 15 August.

  • 29-06-2017

    Power outage at Edinburgh airport

    Passengers of over 80 flights were faced with long queues and delays yesterday morning as result of a power issue at Edinburgh airport.
  • Airplane British Airways in the sky


    British Airways cabin crew to strike for two (!) weeks

    The Unite Union for BA cabin crew members has announced a strike that will last for two weeks starting on 1 July. Another failed attempt with payment increase negotiations lead to the decision for the cabin crew to go on strike, once again.

  • 01-06-2017

    British Airways computer system failure

    A British Airways computer system failure caused chaos during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year in the United Kingdom. The airline cancelled all flights departing from and arriving to Heathrow and Gatwick airport. About 75,000 passengers were stranded as its flight operations, call centre and website all went down.

  • Record number of passengers through London Heathrow during Easter break


    Record number of passengers through London Heathrow during Easter break

    Over the 2017 Easter holiday, 6.7 million passengers used London’s main airport, London Heathrow. This is a staggering rise of 11.3 percent as compared to this same time last year.

  • 11-05-2017

    Technical failure causes chaos at London Stansted Airport

    A disruptance in the IT-system of London Stansted Airport lead to travel chaos at the third largest London airport. Hundreds of passengers missed their flights due to problems with the security scanners.

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